Lung Disease Injury Claims

A lung disease is quite a broad term. It covers any number of illnesses including breathing disorders such as silicosis or pneumoconiosis. If you suffer from a lung disease as a result of a third party’s negligence then you can make a compensation claim against that party. Those most likely to be able to make a lung disease compensation claim is those who have contracted the illness through the course of their employment, for example those who have been exposed to dust, chemicals or asbestos whilst at work. In these cases a compensation claim would be made against and paid out by the employer’s insurance company as employer’s have a duty of care towards the health and safety of their employees and are legally required to have insurance in place for such claims.

Lung Disease Compensation

No two cases are identical and the amount of compensation you can claim for lung disease will depend on the seriousness of the illness but it can be in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. A Leeds accident claims lawyer would be best advised as to the likely amount of compensation you can claim if you have a lung disease. They will also be able to advise you on additional claims such as loss of income, travel expenses, medical bills, care costs and so on, provided that they are a direct result of your lung disease.

Make a Claim for Lung Disease

If you would like to make a claim then you should make an appointment with a Leeds accident claims lawyer, who has experience in dealing with industrial diseases and / or claims against employers as soon as possible as you only have three years from the date of becoming aware of your lung disease to make a claim.

Making a claim does not have to be difficult and your Leeds accident claims lawyer will help you to gather all the information you need. In addition they will work on your case on a no win no fee* basis, so you will not have to pay for the legal advice you receive if your claim is unsuccessful, whilst if your claim is successful your legal fees will be paid for by the negligent party’s insurance company.

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