Vibration White Finger Compensation Claims

Vibration White Finger (VWF), also known as Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), is an industrial injury normally caused by using hand operated power tools and is common in industries such as coal mining and construction.

How Does Vibration White Finger Effect Arms and Hands?

It results in a tingling or cold sensation, numbness or discolouring of the fingers and general lack of dexterity or grip and aches and pains throughout the hand and arm. It is called VWF because its symptoms are suspected to be caused by the effect on the blood and nerves from the vibration from the tools. VWF is usually an injury caused during the course of employment and therefore most VWF compensation claims are made by employees against their employers as employers have a duty of care towards the health and safety of their employees.

How Can Vibration White Finger Be Prevented?

To limit employees from making compensation claims, employers should take positive action to prevent injury including: encouraging regular rest breaks, providing anti-vibration gloves, providing training, providing the correct tools and maintaining them. Employees can also take positive action if they feel they are developing the symptoms of VWF by making their symptoms known to their employer, reducing the amount they use power tools and by not smoking which will help blood flow. An employee should also seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Vibration White Finger Compensation Awards

Obviously the longer one works with power tools the more serious VWF can be and therefore the more compensation the employee will be able to claim. Minor VWF can result in compensation of up to £5,000, whilst serious VWF cases can result in compensation of up to £25,000.

Once liability has been established, the amount of compensation that can be claimed will be negotiated by the employee’s personal injury solicitor** and will be paid by the employer’s insurance company. It is important that you speak to our personal injury solicitor for Leeds within three years of the date of the accident to ensure youare within the time limits for bringing a claim. Our personal injury solicitors** for Leeds will deal with your case on a no win no fee* basis regardless of whether the case is successful or not.

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