Loss of Vision Compensation

Loss of vision is one of the most serious injuries that can be suffered. It can have long lasting affects that are life changing. If you have suffered from  loss of vision through someone else’s negligence, you should contact one of our personal injury solicitors** for Leeds in order to discuss the procedure for claiming compensation.

Injuries resulting in loss of vision can range in severity. Sometimes loss is partial and is only in part of one eye; it may be a temporary loss which returns to full vision on its own or with some treatment. Loss of vision can also occur to both eyes through one injury and can be permanent by nature, regardless of treatment.

Accidents Leading to Vision Loss

Examples of accidents which may lead to a loss of vision include road traffic accidents, accidents at the workplace and sudden impact to the head or face. In certain situations, such as in the workplace, it is up to employers to ensure that they have taken reasonable steps to mitigate the chance of such injuries occurring. For example, chemicals should be correctly stored and labelled, and placed in an area where they cannot come into contact with individuals’ eyes. Further, employers should ensure that correct protective equipment, such as safety goggles, are provided where necessary.

Another area which may lead to a claim of loss of vision compensation is where an injury is suffered as a result of medical negligence. Something may have gone wrong during laser eye surgery or you may have been misdiagnosed and subsequently treated incorrectly. Whatever the cause of your eye related injury, our personal injury lawyers for Leeds will be able to assist with your loss of vision compensation.

Making a Claim for Loss of Vision Compensation

If one of our Leeds solicitors** determines another party is to blame and therefore you are entitled to claim compensation, it will be beneficial to provide them with as much medical information as possible. For example, medical reports outlining the injury suffered will assist with ensuring that the amount of compensation award reflects the severity of the injury suffered.

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