Upper Body Injury Claims

Injuries to your upper body can affect your arms, chest, neck or head, and can vary in severity, from minor soft tissue wounds to fractures, or brain injury if you have suffered an impact to the skull. If you have been involved in an accident in Leeds which has resulted an injury to your upper body, you may be entitled to compensation, and you should contact our specialist personal injury solicitors who will be able to assess your claim and tell you how much compensation you might be likely to receive.

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Head and Brain Injury

The most potentially serious upper body injuries are to the head and brain. If you have cranial injuries you may have suffered from concussion or even skull fracture (which can also vary in severity), or you may have suffered damage to your eyesight or hearing. Concussion can cause difficulties in concentration, headaches, moodiness and physical signs such as loss of consciousness or amnesia, and can be caused by various types of falls, car or bicycle accidents and sports injuries. You may be able to claim financial compensation for the suffering and trauma you have suffered, as well as for any costs you may have incurred due to your injury, such as medical bills or travel expenses. Our lawyers for Leeds will be able to help you to claim the compensation you are entitled to.

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Injuries to the Arms and Chest

If you have suffered physical injuries to your arms or chest, you may be unable to work. The situation may be particularly difficult for you if you work with your hands, such as if you are a craftsperson or artist, or if you need to operate machinery or drive as part of your job. In this case, it may well be appropriate to ask for compensation corresponding to your projected future loss of earnings due to your injury. You may also be able to claim for the mental trauma the incident caused to you, as well as your physical injuries. Whatever your situation and however severe your injuries, you can discuss your situation with one of our team to find out what sort of compensation you may be entitled to.

Compensation for Chest Injuries

  • £66,000 – £98,500
    • This level is appropriate where there is total removal of a lung and/or damage to the heart. Tere is normally also prolonged pain and permanent scarring.
  • £43,000 – £66,000
    • This level of compensation will be awarded where there is traumatic injury to the lungs and/or heart which results in permanent damage, disability and a reduction in life expectancy.
  • £20,500 – £36,000
    • This bracket applies where there is damage to the lungs causinf some ongoing disability.
  • £8,250 – £11,800
    • This will be awarded for tissue injuries which have no permanent effect on the lung itself.
  • £3,500 – £8,250
    • In cases of smoke/toxic fume inhalation, this will be an appropriate award. There will not normally be any permanent effect.
  • £1,450 – £3,500
    • These cases will involve injuries to the chest/lung from which a full recovery is made.
  • Up to £2,600
    • Fractures etc, and other impermanent injuries.

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