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A repetitive strain injury is a soft tissue injury caused by the repetition of an action or trauma. If you have developed a repetitive strain injury as a result of your work, you could be entitled to compensation.

RSI is a common injury that numerous people in several different job roles develop. It can cause severe pain, numbness, weakness, tingling and a loss of dexterity – making even everyday tasks difficult. If you believe that you have an RSI claim, our personal injury lawyers covering Leeds could help you win the compensation you deserve.

How Does Repetitive Strain Injury Develop?

Repetitive strain injuries can stem from several different work-place actions, including using a computer or holding a phone for prolonged periods of time, heavy manual lifting, repeated use of vibrating machinery or equipment and even working in a poorly designed workspace. Any repeated movement of a certain muscle can cause lasting damage and that’s why your employer must have guidelines in place to protect you from physical harm. It is your employer’s responsibility to provide you with protective clothing and equipment, where necessary, and allow you frequent breaks from the repeated motion.

Claiming For An RSI

Making an RSI claim is straightforward when you get in touch with one of our lawyers. Each of our solicitors for Leeds have a wealth of experience in dealing with RSI cases and can win you the maximum amount of compensation for your circumstances. We ask claimants to retain any information that lends credibility to their case – whether this is proof of medical attention or even receipts of pain killers purchased, these small things could make a difference to the compensation package that you walk away with.

Starting you Repitive Strain Claim

Most people find the prospect of taking legal action against their employer daunting, but when you are represented by one of our lawyers, we make sure to keep everything as simple and straightforward for you as possible. We cut the legal jargon and communicate with you in simple terms so that you are always involved in the claims process.

Our lawyer will handle your case with care, empathy and professionalism so you know that you are in safe hands. We will fight to win you a robust compensation package, taking a multitude of factors into account, such as loss of earnings and future medical care needs. We leave no stone unturned in making sure that you are rightly compensated for the suffering you have endured.

Get in touch with us today. Whether all you require is some simple, professional legal guidance, or you are actually looking to pursue a claim, our expert team are happy to help you. If you are looking to start a claim with us, our call handlers will assess your case and will even provide you with an accurate compensation calculation. We can even take your case on a No Win, No Fee* basis.

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