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A wide variety of accidents can lead to claims for compensation. The majority of us will have tripped on an uneven pavement at some point in our lives. Most of the time, an accident of this type will be fairly insignificant. That does not mean that nobody is liable. It simply means the accident has had such a minimal impact on your day that there is nothing for you to be compensated for. When the accident is more serious, it is easy to forget that you are entitled to compensation, potential on a no win, no fee* basis. If the same bit of pavement that caused you to stumble causes someone else to fall and break their front teeth, they will be entitled to compensation.

Accident Causes — From Potholes to Wet Floors

Compensation claims for minor stumbles are unlikely to be successful, but it is important to bear in mind that you are entitled to compensation when the hazard leads to a more serious injury. The list of hazards that can cause injuries can seem never ending. If you can imagine tripping over it, in it, up it, down it or sliding on it, you will be entitled to compensation if it causes you an injury. Even if you cannot imagine how something could cause an injury, but it does, you may be entitled to compensation. If you have suffered an injury and are wondering whether you are entitled to compensation, contact Accident Claims Leeds for guidance.

Negligent Parties — From Local Authorities to Business Owners

When we talk about public places, we often think of places that are in public ownership. The local authority owns buildings and land for the benefit of the public, so such places are public places. If you have an accident in such a place that was not your fault, you will be entitled to compensation from the local authority.

All this is true, but public place has a wider meaning. Supermarkets are public places. Zoos are public places. Anywhere the public has access to is a public place. If a business owner wishes to make a profit by inviting the public into their property, they must accept the responsibilities that go along with that.

Questionable Behaviour to Blatant Negligence

The responsibility that those who operate public places assume is for the safety of the public whilst they are on the premises. This means they must ensure that no harm is caused to the public as a result of their negligence. Negligence is acting in a way that no reasonable person would have acted in the same circumstances.

The easiest claims for compensation are those where the responsible person has acted in such an unreasonable way that it is blatantly obvious they were negligent. Even in such cases, it would not be recommended to proceed without a solicitor. It may seem obvious that there was negligence but proving it in court can be a rather different thing.

The responsible person will almost certainly have sought legal guidance if the case proceeds to court, and you should too. You will be required to lead evidence of the facts you are asserting, and this will need to be done in a particular way.

There are other situations where the actions of the responsible person are questionable but not overtly negligent. If you believe you had not acted in the way someone has in a certain situation leading to your injury, this may be an indication that they were negligent. However, this is not conclusive. Guessing what the court will deem the reasonable person would have done in a situation can be difficult. Those who are best placed to do so are those with experience. Therefore, having an experienced solicitor by your side can be a significant advantage.

Lost Earnings to Pain and Suffering — Claiming Compensation No-Win, No-Fee

Establishing that someone was responsible for your injury is only the beginning of a claim for compensation. It is also necessary to establish what the responsible person is liable for. They will be liable for the reasonably foreseeable consequences of their negligence.

What is reasonably foreseeable will depend on what caused the injury and the type of injury that was caused. It can be difficult to know where to draw the line between what was caused by the injury and what was not.

A wide range of loses can be claimed for, including loss of earnings, medical expenses, ongoing care and pain and suffering. Some heads of damage can be difficult to quantify, so the assistance of someone who has experience in the area will be beneficial. Someone who has dealt with compensation claims before may also think to include heads of damage that would not have crossed your mind had you attempted to calculate your compensation entitlement alone.

Injury Lawyers for Accidents in Public Place in Leeds

Am I entitled to compensation? Who should I claim compensation from? Will I get enough compensation to make it worth my while? What is the process from claiming compensation? If you are asking yourself any of these questions, contact Accident Claims Leeds today.

Claiming compensation is easier than you might expect. If you feel you have suffered unfairly due to an accident that wasnt your fault, you should claim compensation to mitigate the unfairness.

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