Ligament Damage Compensation

A ligament is flexible tissue which is made up of a large number of individual fibres that connect the various bones together. Given the number of fibres, ligament damage is fairly common.

If you have suffered ligament damage as a result of someone else’s act, error or omission, you may be able to get compensation. In order to see whether or not this is the case, you should contact our personal injury lawyers for Leeds as soon as is reasonably possible.

What Injuries can Result in Ligament Damage?

Ligament damage can arise as a result of a sudden movement such as a trip, slip or fall or as a result of an awkward landing. Such injuries are usually around the knee and the ankle, but can occur elsewhere.

Such injuries can be particularly painful, and it is important to seek medical advice. You should ask your doctor or other medical expert to provide you with a detailed medical report of the relevant injuries. Once you have a better understanding of the injury suffered, an experts covering Leeds will be able to talk you through the compensation process. You will need to explain how the injury occurred, and together with our personal injury solicitors, you can try and determine who was at fault for the ligament damage.

Any potential compensation will include a determination of the extent of the injury and any losses of future earnings which may arise as a result of the ligament damage. Further, the injury may result in temporary or permanent mobility issues, and this will also be considered when establishing any compensatory award. A general expectation is that the more serious the injury, the greater the amount of compensation, but other factors such as loss of earnings may also be considered.

Make a No Win, No Fee Claim for Ligament Damage

Our personal injury solicitors for Leeds will offer to assist on a ‘no-win no-fee’ basis and you should only expect to pay for the legal services should your compensation claim be successful. However, it is important that your lawyer explains the specifics of ‘no-win no-fee’ in more detail.

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