Arm Injury Compensation Claims

The arm is made of two parts: the upper arm – shoulder to elbow – and the lower arm – elbow to wrist. If you injure your arm in an accident that was not your fault then you could make a claim for compensation.

Arm injuries can happen in a number of ways, the most common would probably be slips, trips and falls, for example, by tripping on a paving stone. In this scenario you could bring a compensation claim against the local council if your arm is injured as the council is responsible for public foot paths and therefore has a duty of care towards the public. It could also happen as a result of a workplace accident, where you arm can become trapped or broken by machinery or moving equipment.

It does not matter where the arm injury occurred, be it in a public place, at work or on holiday, as long as someone is responsible you can make a claim.

What are the Compensation Awards for an Arm Injury?

The amount of compensation you can claim will depend on which part of your arm is injured and the extent of your injuries. You can injure your arm in a number of ways from breaking or fracturing the bone to tearing a ligament or tendon to soft tissue/muscle damage.

You compensation will include a payout for any losses you have incurred, for example, loss of income, medical expenses, travel expenses, care costs and so on. As far as compensation for the injury itself is concerned, the following is a rough guide to compensation for arm injuries:

Amputation Injury Compensation

Loss of Both Arms: £158,000 – £197,000

Since helplessness is often the result, the compensatory award is quite high.

Loss of One Arm: Over £90,000

If the arm is amputated at the shoulder: £72,000 – £86,000

For amputations above the elbow. The shorter the stump, the more difficult it is to attach a prosthesis. As such, the closer the amputation is to the shoulder, the higher the award.

Below-elbow amputation: £63,000 – £72,000

If the amputation is through the forearm, and there is residual “phantom” pain, the award will be at the higher end of this bracket. The court will also consider whether or not the amputation was of the dominant arm.

Other Arm Injuries

Severe injuries: £63,000 – £86,000

These are injuries which do not require amputation but cause such serious disability that the sufferer is little better off than had the arm been amputated.

£25,750 – £39,300

Injuries which result in “permanent and substantial disablement”. This bracket is awarded in cases in which there is ongoing impairment of function and/or substantial cosmetic damage.

£4,350 – £25,750

Injuries in this wide bracket range from simple fractures from which full recovery is expected, up to serious fractures of several bones in one or both arms. Cases at the higher end of the bracket will be cases in which there is not total recovery.

Elbow Injury Compensation

£25,750 – £36,000

This bracket includes injuries which result in serious disability.

£10,300 – £21,000

Less serious injuries which cause loss of function but to not carry with them permanent disability or require surgery.

Up to £8,250

Injuries of a minor nature – joint and tendon injuries, simple fractures. Normally this type of award will be made where there is no permanent reduction in the function of the elbow.

Wrist Injuries

£31,300 – £39,300

Injuries which result in a complete loss of wrist function.

£16,100 – £25,750

Injuries which leave some residual movement, but result in a permanent disability.

£8,250 – £16,100

Less severe injuries but those which result in permanent disability or ongoing pain.

£2,300 – £4,850

Injuries such as fractures which cause some immediate pain and suffering and may necessitate some time in plaster, but from which complete recovery is possible.

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If you have suffered an arm injury then you should seek medical attention and legal guidance. Our personal injury lawyers for Leeds will be able to guide you on the procedures you should follow, will issue a claim on your behalf and will assess how much compensation you are entitled to. You should ensure that you get guidance from our accident compensation lawyers within three years of the date of the injury; otherwise you will be unable to raise a claim.

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