Claim Compensation for Injuries to the Lower Body

Injuries to the lower body can take many forms. You may have fractured or sprained a bone in your leg or your ankle in a slip or fall, or dislocated or broken your hip; you may have injured your knee or foot. Lower body injuries can be particularly disabling as they may affect your ability to walk, and you may even find yourself in a wheelchair in the short or long term. Our team can help examine your case to find out whether you may have a claim to financial compensation. If you have suffered a lower body injury in Leeds, contact our friendly team today.

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Leg Injuries

A thigh fracture can be very serious due to the scale of the bone involved, and may result in your whole leg being in plaster, or an extended period of time spent in hospital.

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Hip Injuries

Hip injuries can be particularly disabling for older people, in whom the hip joint is particularly fragile, and can result in hip replacement becoming necessary, and a significant loss of mobility.

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Knee Injury and Ligament Damage

Knee injuries can also be particularly medically complicated, due to the bone, tendon and muscle complications that can arise around that joint. The anterior cruciate ligament is a particularly commonly injured part of the knee and can occur when the knee is jarred, perhaps due to an uneven floor.

Make a Claim for an Injury to the Lower Body

If you have injured your lower body and it was not your fault, then you may be entitled to compensation. If it can be proved that your employer, or a shop, restaurant or public place was negligent, for example, in maintaining flooring in public areas or if obstacles were left in your path, causing a slip or trip hazard. Alternatively, you may have sustained leg injuries in a road traffic accident.

Whatever your circumstances, make sure you keep all documentation relating to your injury. Our team will examine your claim and will help you get the best possible result, which might include compensation not only for loss of income and the practical expenses and costs you may have incurred as a result of your injuries, but also for the pain and suffering you have experienced.

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