Office Injury Compensation Claims

Offices are generally safer than other working environments, particularly industrial workplaces such as factories and construction sites, but this does not mean that office accidents do not happen. If you work in an office then you have the right to work without fear for your health and safety. This is because employers have a duty of care to ensure that their employees (and visitors to the office) do not get injured during the course of employment.

When Can I Make A Claim For An Office Injury?

All workplaces are subject to the same health and safety legislation. If an employer does not comply with health and safety legislation and an employee suffers an injury as a result, then the employee can make a claim for compensation. An employer should take all reasonable steps to prevent injury; this includes providing employees with the appropriate equipment and training. In office environments the most common injuries are:

An employee can make a claim provided he or she is not responsible for their own injuries. Even if an employee is slightly responsible, he or she can still bring a claim but the amount of compensation will be reduced to take into account how much the employee was to blame. Even visitors to an office, such as delivery drivers or cleaners can make a claim for compensation if they have suffered an injury in an office.

Making a Claim Against Your Employer

The amount of compensation for office injuries will vary depending on the seriousness of the injury but will include loss of income (if any), medical or other expenses including travel and the costs of any rehabilitation or physiotherapy. In order to make a compensation claim you should appoint our personal injury solicitors for Leeds to deal with your case within three years of the date of the injury, otherwise it will be too late to bring a claim.

Employees should not fear making a claim because the compensation will be paid out by the employer’s insurance company and an employer cannot treat an employee badly just because they have made a claim, otherwise the employee could bring a further claim under employment law.

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