Will I Have To Go To Court?

The first misconception about making a personal injury claim is that the matter will go to court. In fact, very few personal injury cases (or other litigation for that matter) actually make it as far as a court room because it is expensive, not only for both sides but also for the public purse. This is because the defendant either manages to prove that they were not liable, in which case the personal injury solicitor is likely to suggest to their client that they should not go to court. Or, most likely, the Leeds based claimant manages to establish liability and the parties agree a settlement, which is encouraged by the Courts and who will penalise a party for not attempting to reach a settlement and allowing the matter to reach trial.

Cases Going to Court

The cases that end up in Court are those where either liability is denied and / or the parties cannot agree on the amount of compensation that should be paid to the claimant. In these unlikely cases you may have to go to Court. However, before the matter gets to Court there is a lengthy Court process that has to be followed which includes: issuing the claim, exchanging witness statements, exchanging expert evidence and so on. During this time both sides will become more aware of the other’s case which will only increase the chance of settlement before the trial actually begins.

Court Procedure – Personal Injury Claims for Leeds

When you eventually get the trial and have to go to Court, whilst it may appear to be a daunting prospect, it’s not something you should worry about. Firstly, your personal injury solicitor will prepare you for the case and will guide you on the Court procedure. Secondly, by this stage you would have already submitted witness statement evidence and therefore you will already known what you want to say and what facts and circumstances you intend to rely on. The only difference is that now the other side’s legal team will have an opportunity to question you on the contents of your statement, which we can counsel you on beforehand.

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