Slip, Trip & Fall Injuries in Public Places in Leeds

What can appear to be a minor slip, trip or fall can lead to quite serious consequences for your health and wellbeing. Our personal injury specialists will be able to guide you whether your claim has merit.

Public Liability Claims for Leeds — Guidance on Trips & Slips

Claiming compensation for an accident that was not your fault can seem like it will be a lot of hassle. You may believe the accident sounds too petty to be worth bothering about, but this is rarely the case.

Whether your claim has merit depends on whether the accident has caused you loss. The law surrounding compensation operates to ensure that those who suffer due to someone else’s negligence do not end up worse off than they would have been had the accident not occurred.

A twisted ankle caused by an uneven footpath may have led to no more than a few days off work. However, if you were not paid for the time you have had to take off and incurred expenses travelling to and from medical appointments, you will have suffered a loss and may be able to claim compensation.

How do I prove the slip, trip, or fall wasn’t my fault?

One of the reasons that people can be deterred from making a claim for compensation is because they are concerned that they will not be able to prove that they were not responsible for their accident. What must be shown is that had it not been for the negligence of the responsible person you would not have had the accident. Our personal injury experts for Leeds have the knowledge and skills to help.

Showing what caused the accident can be relatively straight forward. For example, you can show that had the stairs been gritted, you would have not slipped on the ice, fallen down them and broken your arm. Had you not broken your arm, you would not have been required to take several weeks off work from the building site because you could not work.

Showing that there was negligence can be more difficult. Someone will have been negligent if they have not acted as the reasonable person would have done had they been in the same situation. Taking the same example as above, and assuming the stairs were on the way into a shop, the reasonable shopkeeper would have anticipated that customers would be using the stairs to enter the shop. They will also be aware that the stairs become slippery when it is icy. Therefore, they would have taken steps to prevent the stairs becoming icy or to warn customers that the stairs will be icy.

If they have not done either of these things, they have not acted as the reasonable shopkeeper would have done, so they will be negligent. As they are negligent, they may be liable for injuries caused as a result of their negligence.

The same hypothetical analysis can be worked through for any slipping, tripping or falling accident. It is important to bear in mind that the responsible person must have failed to act as a reasonable person would act, not how you would act. Therefore, the help of an experienced solicitor** from Accident Claims Leeds will be beneficial. They will have dealt with similar cases and be aware of what the court is likely to say a reasonable person would have done in the circumstances.

It is also essential to make a claim for compensation against the right person. In some circumstances, the responsible person would be obvious. In cases where it does not seem as obvious to you, it will seem obvious to a specialist solicitor.

Injuries in Public: Slips, Trips & Falls — Personal Injury Claims for Leeds

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