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Did you know that if you have ever been involved in an accident on public transport, you could be entitled to compensation? Personal Injury Claims Leeds is regularly involved in claims for compensation where people have been injured on public transport in the Leeds area. Contact us today to find out if you are entitled to compensation.

Injuries sustained following an accident on public transport are not uncommon. However many people believe that the likelihood of being awarded any compensation for this is low to non-existent.  This is simply not true. No matter what kind of public transport you have taken, whether it be a bus, car or taxi, your driver should not take any kind of action that could result in your suffering injury.  However if they do, then you should explore whether or not you may be due compensation.

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Personal Injury Claims Leeds team are based in Leeds. We use the skill and expertise of our solicitors** and advisors to help you secure the compensation that you deserve.

We understand that accidents on public transport can arise out of a variety of situations, whether this is a as a result of your driver not paying attention to other road users or not observing the safety rules in respect of speed and road access. It is also important to be aware that no matter the gravity of injury that you suffer, you may still be entitled to some form of financial award to reflect this. Our team will use their knowledge of the law in this area to help you mount a claim to secure the maximum level of compensation that is available in your circumstances.

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Personal Injury Claims Leeds has been helping people secure compensation for injuries resulting from accidents on public transport for many years. As a result we offer a service that allows you to take full advantage of our expertise: we handle the entirety of your claim. Our team will handle all of the administrative work in preparing to launch your claim, and will also be able to represent your interests in any court appearances or negotiations that become necessary. You will be regularly updated on the progress of your claim, and no action will be taken without your permission.

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Claims for compensation can be complicated, however at Personal Injury Claims Leeds we make the process simple and easy. Contact our team in Leeds today, who are able to begin to process your claim immediately. They will also be able to discuss with you the level of compensation that you are likely to be able to claim for

We also offer a no-win-no-fee arrangement whereby you will bear no initial cost for our services. You will only need to pay our fee if we succeed in securing compensation for you. We believe in offering a service that is accessible to you, and one that removes the fear of costs for legal claims from the equation.

Don’t miss the deadline! Time limits for public transport injury claims

Claims for injuries suffered on public transport, as a kind of personal injury action, are restricted by time limits. If you have recently suffered an injury on public transport, do not delay in contacting us to find out if we can help you. If the deadline passes, you may have missed the chance to claim for what may be a significant sum of money.

You should speak freely with us about your accident, and provide us with as much information surrounding your injury as possible. These claims almost always depend on the quality of the evidence that is available: the more information that you can provide us with, the greater the likelihood that we will be successful in securing compensation for you.

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If you have ever been involved in an accident on public transport that lead to your being injured, contact us now to find out if you are entitled to compensation. Personal Injury Claims Leeds offers a professional, local service where your claim will be handled by dedicated experts who will work with you for the duration of your claim. Take advantage of our no-win-no-fee arrangement now, and find out how we can help you.

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