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Compensation awarded to prison officer forced to leave her profession

Posted in: Employer Negligence Hand Injuries Workplace Injuries 
arm injury from the workplace in leeds claim compensation

A former prison officer, working in a London young offender’s institute, has been forced to quit her job after sustaining a debilitating injury whilst at work. The officer, who has chosen to remain unnamed, was eventually awarded the sum of £140,000 in compensation, following a six year battle with her ex-employer.  Her solicitors argued that the […]

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New Mesothelioma Funding for North East

Posted in: Asbestos Exposure Industrial Deafness and Disease Mesothelioma 
Asbestos Claims, lung cancer claims, mesothelioma solicitors Leeds

Government funding has paved the way for a new mesothelioma cancer research centre in the North East of England. Rates of mesothelioma are particularly high in the North East due to the region’s historic links to industry. Asbestos was routinely used as an insulating material in industries such as ship building, car manufacturing and construction. […]

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Holidaymaker contracts salmonella in Jamaica

Posted in: Accidents and Sickness Abroad Food Poisoning 
food poisoning solicitors Leeds, sickness and diarrhea from restaurant, take away

A 33-year-old holidaymaker from Heathcote in Warwick has been awarded a considerable sum in compensation after contracting salmonella whilst on holiday in a five star hotel in Jamaica.  Daryl Wiseman lost two stone in the two weeks he suffered the food poisoning and decided to sue holiday agents, Direct Holidays, for damages.  Mr Wiseman was […]

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Mesothelioma Handbook Launched on 20th Anniversary of Landmark Case

Posted in: Asbestos Exposure Mesothelioma Public Place Accidents 
Asbestos Claims, lung cancer claims, mesothelioma solicitors Leeds

A handbook to help sufferers of mesothelioma has been launched on the 20th anniversary of June Hancock’s landmark case. Ms Hancock was the first non-worker to successfully win a compensation claim for asbestos exposure that resulted in mesothelioma. Ms Hancock had been exposed to the deadly substance as a child living near to the JW […]

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Middlesbrough woman wins compensation case

Posted in: Leg Injuries School Accidents Workplace Injuries Workplace Slip 
Knee injury compensation claims Leeds - physiotherapy

A Middlesbrough woman has won her claim for compensation against her employer, Middlesbrough Council, following a fall that caused serious damage to her leg.  Mrs Linda Williams had been working as a kitchen assistant in a Middlesbrough primary school for 18 years.  The 58-year-old claimant had been walking through the dining room during the lunch […]

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Fire fighter injured in the line of duty

Posted in: Shoulder Injuries Workplace Injuries 
fire explosions at work injury compensation claims Leeds

A fire fighter has been awarded an undisclosed amount of compensation from his employer, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, after sustaining a serious injury whilst fighting a fire at a house in Bickleigh, near Exeter.  The serviceman was pulling thatching off of the blazing house’s roof when a 120kg ladder toppled over and […]

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£940000 compensation following freak accident

Posted in: Hand Injuries Workplace Injuries 
arm injury from the workplace in leeds claim compensation

A Manchester man has received £940000 in compensation after taking his employer to court following a freak accident at work. The accident, that initially seemed innocuous, left the employee with every bone in his wrist broken, rendering him unable to go back to work again.  The man in his forties decided to take his employer […]

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Civil servant receives £20k compensation following fall in workplace

Posted in: Leg Injuries Workplace Injuries 
knee injury fall down stairs compensation lawyers Leeds

An employee of the Department for Work and Pensions has been awarded £20,000 after a fall she took at work, leaving her disabled. 50-year-old Alain Sargent from Kent town, Westgate on Sea, decided to press for compensation after being left disabled when she had her shoe heel lodged in a faulty step causing a debilitating […]

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Teacher’s Family Claim Compensation for Asbestos Death

Posted in: Asbestos Exposure Employer Negligence Mesothelioma School Accidents 
Asbestos Claims, lung cancer claims, mesothelioma solicitors Leeds

The family of a teacher who was exposed to asbestos at work have successfully made a compensation claim against her former employer. Elizabeth Belt died of mesothelioma aged 68. This is a deadly form of cancer that is directly connected to breathing in asbestos fibres. Asbestos was routinely used as an insulating material in homes […]

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CCC order weekly heart unit reports

Posted in: Medical Negligence 
Medical Malpractice, Negligence and Misdiagnosis - mistakes in surgery and injuries, wrongful death Solicitors Leeds

Health watchdog, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), have ordered Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital to submit weekly reports monitoring the heart unit for the “foreseeable future” following concerns raised about high death rates during or following heart procedures. The Commission confirmed that it would be publishing its results in the near future. “a cluster of deaths” The […]

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