Making a Claim for Asbestos Related Death

Before being banned in 1999, asbestos was routinely used in many industries. It was a standard insulating material and was used in manufacturing, electronics and boiler making. For this reason, the workers who are most at risk of contracting an asbestos-related disease include construction workers, electricians, builders and those who worked in the shipbuilding industries. Due to the industrial connection, the vast majority of asbestos disease sufferers are male.

When materials that contain asbestos are disturbed through demolition, chipping or sawing, tiny fibres of asbestos will move into the air and can be breathed into the lungs. These fibres then aggravate the lungs which can lead to the development of a range of fatal diseases.

The connection between asbestos and lung disease has been known for a long time. Employers have a duty to protect their workers from the dangers of asbestos and many companies have failed to meet this standard of care. An employer who neglected their duty may be found liable for the harm caused to the employee.

Asbestos Related Diseases

Mesothelioma is a form of lung cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos. This is an extremely aggressive cancer that will normally be fatal by the time it is discovered.

Many factors can contribute to the development of lung cancer, such as smoking. However, if a patient is already suffering from an asbestos-related disease, such as pleural plaques or pleural thickening, then it may be possible to link the cancer to the asbestos exposure at work.

Asbestosis is one of the most common asbestos-related diseases. When the asbestos fibres aggravate the lungs, it can cause the lung tissue to scar. Those affected often suffer from breathing difficulties. This condition can become progressively worse over time and can be fatal in the most severe cases.

Who Can Make a Claim?

Asbestos-related diseases can develop as many as 50 years after the worker was exposed to asbestos. For this reason, the normal 3-year time limit on personal injury claims would make it impossible for sufferers to seek compensation for their injuries. In asbestos cases, this time limit will often be waived.

With symptoms taking so long to present and the condition often being fatal, those affected are often unable to make a claim before they die. In these cases, their spouse or family may be able to make a claim on their behalf.

Many employers knowingly failed to protect their workers from the risks of asbestos which have resulted in their employees dying of painful and debilitating asbestos-related diseases. If you lost a loved one to an asbestos disease, our expert team could help you to get compensation from their former employers.

How Do In Make a Claim?

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