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Fire fighter injured in the line of duty

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A fire fighter has been awarded an undisclosed amount of compensation from his employer, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, after sustaining a serious injury whilst fighting a fire at a house in Bickleigh, near Exeter.  The serviceman was pulling thatching off of the blazing house’s roof when a 120kg ladder toppled over and hit him on the shoulder.  The 39-year-old from Honiton, had previously warned that the ladder was not properly secured, stating that it needed to be bound by a rope to stop it falling over.  His observation was ignored and as a result, he sustained an injury which required surgery.  The victim, who worked full time at Danes Castle Fire Station, was one of a team of 35 firemen called out to the blaze.  He had told one of his senior officers of his concerns, however his concerns remained unheeded.

2 months of physiotherapy

After the accident, the patient underwent more than 2 months of physiotherapy and acupuncture, however the pain continued and eventually surgery was required.  The fire fighter then spoke to his union who appointed their solicitors to claim for compensation from his employers. His employers admitted liability, and compensation was paid in an out of court settlement.

After the event, the fire fighter stressed the importance of adhering to health and safety procedures at all times.  He added that he hoped that his case would help to avoid any future injuries to other people.  His solicitor added that; “Health and safety manuals are not pieces of paper which should be shoved in a drawer and ignored.  These important protocols are there to be following both in training and in live situations.  Slip ups in standards result in injuries”.

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