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If you have suffered from a serious injury, our personal injuries solicitors** for Leeds will be able to assist with you claim for compensation. If you or a loved one in Leeds has suffered a serious injury, the experience can be particularly traumatic and our experts are used to dealing with such difficult situations and can provide you with both legal and emotional support.

Although there is no definitive list of how serious injuries occur, they commonly arise as a consequence of road traffic accidents, slips, trips or falls. Such accidents often result in trauma to the brain, and this has the chance of causing serious injury. Other examples of serious injuries include paralysis and other brain related injuries. Serious injuries may also lead to the loss of limbs or loss of mobility. Such examples can be life-changing, and lead not only to physical change. The emotional change that results from serious injuries can affect both you and your family, and our lawyers for Leeds will do all that they can to help.

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It is clear that the amounts of serious injury compensation is likely to be greater than that awarded for minor injury as there are most associated costs. For example, such injuries will incur greater medical costs and may lead to those affected requiring long-term medical care and treatment. Further, a serious injury may result in an individual losing the ability to work and therefore any potential loss of earnings will also be taken into consideration when determining the amount of compensation to be awarded.

Although the process to claim for serious injury compensation is similar to the claims process for other types of personal injury compensation, it is important that you ensure that your claim is dealt with by someone who is aware of the specifics of serious injuries. This is because you will need someone who can provide assistance not only with obtaining serious injury compensation, but also with the management and distribution of the compensation as well as providing guidance on how to liaise with the relevant organisations that assist those who have suffered from serious injuries. Our personal injury lawyers covering Leeds have the relevant experience to ensure that these needs are met.

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