Salmonella Food Poisoning

There is little more unpleasant than a bout of food poisoning, and if you have suffered from salmonella due to undercooked food, you will be familiar with the symptoms of vomiting, nausea, fever and diarrhoea. It can certainly be unpleasant, but also dangerous, particularly for the elderly or very young, or for pregnant women.

Salmonella can be picked up by eating raw or undercooked chicken, beef or eggs which harbour the bacteria; unpasteurised milk can also cause it, or it can be picked up directly through physical contact if the bacteria have contaminated surfaces in restaurants or bathrooms.

Salmonella Compensation Claims

Depending on the cause of your salmonella, you may be entitled to claim compensation, and our expert team will be able to inform you of the likelihood of making a successful claim.

If the bacterial contamination has been caused by poor food handling, hygiene or storage, or by a break in the cold chain when food has been transported, it may be that a restaurant, hotel or tour company may be found liable for your salmonella case. If you have caught salmonella on holiday, approaching the tour operator may be a lengthy and expensive business. Contacting our friendly team will give you a much more realistic idea of whether or not you have a good case, and can get things moving much more quickly to get the compensation you are entitled to.

Make a Claim for Salmonella Food Poisoning

You may have been unable to work, and have suffered financially due to your bout of salmonella, or you may have been more seriously ill, with other costs such as hospital stays and extra travel to factor in. Your compensation claim may be able to cover some or all of these costs, as well as compensating you for the discomfort and suffering you have experienced, so it is important you keep a record of any expenses or any other documentation connected with your salmonella poisoning. You may need to prove that your salmonella was caused by the negligence of the food supplier, in which case our team will be able to help guide you about what sort of proof you may need to provide.

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