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Cyclists appeal for safer roads

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Following the deaths of numerous cyclists on Britain’s roads in the last year, one man is calling for more to be done to protect cyclists from other road users.  Former engineer Graham Andrews (45), who is now in a wheelchair, suffered severe spinal injuries after colliding with a hit-and-run driver while cycling to the beach one Sunday evening.  Mr Andrews was thrown 8ft into the air by the motorist, and was found unconscious on a grass verge two hours later by two members of the public. The passers-by who found Mr Andrews immediately contacted emergency services, after which he was instantly rushed to hospital.

Mr Andrews believes that more should be done to protect cyclists on the road, seeing as this year has seen more than a dozen cyclists killed on London’s roads alone.  He argues that people are being urged to leave their cars at home and cycle, however people are dying far too frequently as a result.  He continued by stating: “measures need to be put in place to reassure cyclists that their safety is being considered.

£85-a-week benefits

Mr Andrews said that although motorists should be particularly careful when driving around cyclists, cyclists are also responsible for their own safety.  He argues that helmets and lights should be compulsory for all cyclists.

The personal cost of Mr Andrews’ accident was immeasurable: he went from being a well-paid, highly skilled engineer, to receiving £85-a-week in benefits.  He also struggled greatly to secure funds for his rehabilitation.

Mr Andrews eventually received compensation for his injuries, but a final settlement has not yet been reached.

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