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Council worker compensated for burnt hand

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A council worker has received a £3,000 payout after severely burning their hand on a hot fish pie while serving lunch.  This was one of the numerous claims paid out by authorities in Greater Manchester to their own staff in the last year.  Other injuries included hurting themselves while setting up a trampoline, tripping while delivering leaflets, being assaulted by aggressive members of the public and many others; all of which won full compensation.

The area’s ten local authorities have faced a huge number of claims from employees since the late 90s, but are believed to have decreased greatly in the last couple of years.  The annual payout bill for some councils has been reduced to a tenth of the figure in 2008.

“Changes to the systems”

The largest payout was in Rochdale whereby a worker received £175,679 in 2012 after slipping on a wet floor, which caused severe back strain and injury.  A spokesman from the authority said: “we made changes to systems surrounding cleaning health and safety” following the accident.  Rochdale handed over a total of £822,000 between 2008 and 2012.

Between 2008 and 2012 sixty-eight employees at Oldham council claimed a total of £944,000; Wigan council paid out £878,000; Bolton paid out £264,000; Trafford paid out £162,000 to 34 workers; and the Bury town hall paid out £160,000.

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