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Boy wins compensation following childhood injury

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When Jack Cooper was only 12-months-old an autistic child pushed him in his baby chair – leaving him with severe head injuries. The accident happened in March 2005 at a café in Morrisons at Teeside Park. He was tipped head first onto the floor while strapped in his baby chair. The council admitted to failing to control the autistic child who subsequently caused harm.

Jack turned 11 last week and still suffers with the effects of the accident.  The fall left him deaf in one ear and the brain injuries mean that he will require care and treatment, as well as specialist equipment, for the remainder of his life. 

Middlesborough Council admitted responsibility for the accident as they run Beverly School, a school for children with autistic spectrum disorders at which the boy was a pupil.

“No money can change what happened”

Last week an undisclosed six-figure settlement was agreed for the boy at Middlesborough District Registry Court. Following the hearing, Jack’s family said they were “relieved” to finally receive compensation ten years after the accident happened.

Jack’s mother, Deborah Patience (45) said: “No money can change what happened. And he is not the same baby as before. But he is doing OK and is carrying on with his life the best he can. The settlement is a massive relief for us as it means he can get some specialist help with equipment and also some therapies to help him in future.

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