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£3m compensation awarded following pool accident

Posted in: Head and Brain Injuries Public Place Accidents 

A woman has been awarded £3m compensation for the brain injury she suffered as a child. At the age of 10-years-old, Annie Woodland drowned during a swimming lesson at school which caused her to suffer severe brain injuries. For months following the incident, Ms Woodland, now aged 25, suffered with severe depression and even contemplated suicide. 15 years later, she has finally been awarded compensation of £3million.

Ms Woodland says that she and her family endured a very long battle for compensation, which involved them having to move house due to death threats and the later divorce of her parents. Fifteen years on, she says that she still greatly suffers with the effects of the accident.  Her mother has to live with her as a carer. She said: “Mine is an invisible injury because you can’t see it. People see me and speak to me and think there is nothing wrong with me. I struggle with that every day.

“I’d rather that day had never happened”

Ms Woodland said that she suffers with severe short-term memory loss, balance issues, speech issues, coordination issues and depression. Despite investigations, the reason for her drowning at Gloucester Park pool in July 2000 is still unknown. Her parents believe that she may have been accidently kicked in the head.

Ms Woodland said that the compensation came as a great relief, but she added: “I’d rather that day had never happened. No amount of money will repair all the damage.

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