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£23,000 to teacher who slipped in puddle

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A teacher has received £23,000 in compensation after slipping on a puddle of water in a school corridor.  The teacher suffered serious ligament damage in the accident, with injuries to their feet and ankle. The court ruled that the school was to blame for the accident, awarding the unnamed teacher with £23,000 in a taxpayer-funded settlement.

The claim came to light following a Freedom of Information request to West Sussex County Council, which runs the school.  It was highlighted that the compensation package awarded to the teacher was higher than the salary of a newly qualified teacher outside of London – which would stand at around £21,588.  Many argue that claims of this nature are to blame for a growing ‘compensation culture’.

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Jonathan Isaby from the Taxpayers’ Alliance said: “Taxpayers will be shocked that the bill for this claim is so high.  Every penny wasted on spurious claims means less money to educate children and give them a good start in life.

The council, however, argued that payouts like this are necessary to protect staff, and children, and to ensure that they receive the support they need if, and when, accidents happen.

Other accidents included one teacher receiving £230,000 for injuries suffered after slipping on a sachet of tomato ketchup, and another was awarded with £500,000 for a back injury after a work lift plummeted to the ground floor.

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