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Sporting injuries effect mental health

Posted in: Head and Brain Injuries Sporting Injuries 

Having been continuously applauded during his career for putting his ‘body on the line’ for English rugby, Lewis Moody told media that he is starting to feel concerned for his future mental health.  After ending his 16-year long career last March, Moody fears that due to the countless concussions he endured during his rugby career, he may be victim to early onset dementia.

Only in recent years has the link between concussion and early onset dementia become apparent in the sporting world of rubgy.  During Lewis Moody’s career, the link between concussion and dementia, now known as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), was only apparent in sports such as ice hockey, boxing and American football.  Moody told the ‘Mail on Sunday’ that: “For me, concussion wasn’t a big deal”.

Ruling bodies should fund research

Due to increased awareness regarding the dangers of concussion, Moody is currently supporting a campaign to get rugby’s ruling bodies together to fund research into the medical consequences of concussion, and to accept their responsibility for ensuring that players are aware of their health risks when playing the sport. So far, it would appear that rugby’s ruling bodies are prepared to support the cause, with a high profile forum being held at Twickenham on the 7th of November to discuss the issue fully.

Moody believes that education should be available to players surrounding the issue, and that players should be better protected when they do face concussion.  He said: “It’s about making players realise that if their mate is still on the pitch while he’s concussed he could actually be damaging the team’s prospects, as well as his own health”.

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