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Motorist being sued for £2m

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A business executive is suing a motorist from Norfolk for £2m over crash injuries that he claims ruined his career. 44-year-old Peter Siegel says that the car accident he was involved in in 2009 left him with a brain injury that severely affected his ability to work.  The accident happened in November 2009 when another car collided with his at 30mph, causing his car to be written off.

Mr Siegel said that the crash left him with “cognitive, physical and behavioural deficits” caused by the “severe, subtle and permanent closed brain injury” he suffered in the accident. It was heard that Mr Siegel has been fighting the symptoms of extreme temper outbursts, post-traumatic stress disorder and personality changes since 2009.  It was heard in court that before the accident happened he had been a senior executive at IT firm, Hewlett Packard, and a man of “superior intelligence”.

Suing for £2.172m over loss of earnings

Since the car accident, however, Mr Siegel lost three jobs in the space of four and a half years and has been entirely unable to work since January 2014.  He will now be unable to return to that sector of employment.  Due to his loss of earnings, he is suing the responsible motorist’s insurers for £2.172 million.

Lawyers representing the insurers have not disputed liability for the accident, but are currently challenging the requested compensation figure.

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