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Hogweed victim battles for damages

Posted in: Arm Injury Finger Injuries Foot Injuries Public Place Accidents 

The case of a 7-year-old boy who suffered life-changing burns from a Giant Hogweed plant has been taken to court. The young boy, who remains anonymous, suffered severe burns to his upper body, arms, feet, and chest after he came into contact with the plant while on holiday in his family’s static caravan in a holiday park in Wales. The boy’s case is thought to be the first of its type in the country.

The boy had been playing with friends when he picked up a branch of the highly toxic plant. Unbeknown to the family, a number of Giant Hogweed plants were growing next to the holiday park’s pond. Two days after coming into contact with the plant, blisters started to arise between his fingers, and in a matter of hours, his hand was completely swollen. When the swelling failed to die down, his mother took him to a local GP who suspected that the child had come into contact with a toxic chemical substance.

“It is an offence to plant or cause hogweed to grow”

Two weeks after the child’s initial contact with the plant, he was referred to a dermatologist as the symptoms continued to worsen. The National Chemical Emergency Centre was contacted and the patient was diagnosed with Giant Hogweed burns.

Following thorough inspection, it was confirmed that the holiday park was contaminated with a number of Giant Hogweed plants. They were removed immediately.

The holiday park, which remains unnamed, has admitted liability for the boy’s injuries, but the settlement remains unknown.

The family’s lawyer stated: “It is an offence to plant or cause hogweed to grow, in the wild, and it’s possible to claim for your injury if it is found that the land owner or local authority has failed to take appropriate action to protect you.

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