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Shopping centre fined £75,000 for severing a man’s toe

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A shopping centre in Nottingham has been fined £75K after a customer was severely injured on an escalator. 27-year-old Michael Reddington had been shopping in the West End Arcade when his foot got trapped in an escalator, resulting in the loss of his big toe. The incident happened on 15 March 2012 when Mr Reddington had been trying to pick up his mobile phone after dropping it.

It was heard that the sound engineer had accidentally placed his left foot inside a missing part of the escalator’s steps, which he had not seen because of the poor lighting. As he reached the top of the flight, his foot became trapped between the two steps as they compressed, crushing his foot and causing him to sustain serious injuries.

Continued to run for several minutes

The court heard that the machine continued to run for several minutes after his foot was trapped, severing his big toe, fracturing his second and third toes, and grazing the fourth. Firefighters were called to the scene to free Mr Reddington, after which he was immediately rushed to hospital.

Shopping centre managing agent Hodgson Elkington LLP admitted to health and safety breaches and was fined £75,000. The bosses admitted to charges of failing to keep the escalator in a good and safe condition.

It was heard in Nottingham Crown Court that the escalator had not been inspected since October 2010 when the accident happened in March 2012. The firm was fined an additional £50,000 in court costs and Mr Reddington’s compensation package is yet to be agreed.

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