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Police paid out £450,000 in PI claims

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Following a Freedom of Information request, it has been uncovered that West Yorkshire Police has paid out more than £450,000 through personal injury claims in five years. These claims only include payouts to police officers and civilian staff and are drawn from between January 2008 and December 2013.

The total figure of £450,000 can be broken down into key areas, with £315,987 being paid out for slips, trips or falls, £52,042 paid for ‘lifting or carrying’ injuries, £32,700 for ‘defective equipment, furniture or premises’ and £12,620 for dog bites. The remaining £31,700 was paid out to those affected by defective equipment, contact with electricity or machinery and other injuries.

Take health and safety very seriously

West Yorkshire Police, being the largest force in England, defended the figures saying they take their health and safety very seriously but cannot always be ‘risk free’ due to the nature of their work.

Head of Corporate Human Resources at West Yorkshire Police, John Hughes, said: “Keeping our communities safe sometimes involve activities which can put people at risk, and we assess and manage those risks. If one of our officers or staff members is injured, the decision about any compensation payment is taken after careful consideration of the particular circumstances.

Mr Hughes continued by saying that the force invests heavily in equipment, training and resources to ensure that working conditions are always as safe as they can be.

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