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Pensioner wins compensation for a fall in a supermarket

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Supermarket giant, Sainsbury’s, has paid out a five-figure sum to pensioner Jean Annis, 79 from Alsager, following a compensation claim.  Mrs Annis tripped on matting in the Sainsbury’s Local store causing four fractures to her right arm, which has left her unable to use her right hand.  She also sustained injuries to her eye, lip and chin.  The injury to her arm has left Mrs Annis, who is also carer to her husband Norman, aged 89 and suffering from dementia, unable to carry out simple daily tasks such as cutting up food and brushing her teeth.  She is no longer able to drive.

Reluctant to undergo surgery

Although there is an operation which may help to remedy the nerve damage, Mrs Annis is very reluctant to undergo the surgery as it would mean putting her husband into a care home.  She is also not convinced that the procedure would help her situation.

Five months after the fall, Mrs Annis fell again fracturing her right arm again.  Experts confirmed that had she not sustained the previous fractures, she would most likely not have fractured her arm again.

Mrs Annis is now in the situation that she has to do everything left-handed, making carrying shopping, ironing and many other daily tasks much more difficult, if not impossible.  She stated: “I can’t coordinate well and that may never come back”.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s has described Mrs Annis as “a valued customer” and confirmed that they are pleased that her personal injury claim has been settled.

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