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NHS Trust faces investigation following death

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An NHS trust faces investigation following the death of a patient who was being treated under critical care at Hereford County Hospital. The death of the patient came after a complaint had been made concerning the hospital’s medical and surgical management, which has been referred to the NHS ombudsman.  A second complaint had also been made against the Trust after a patient underwent a hysterectomy, arguing that she had been “unhappy” about the standard of follow-up treatment.

WYE Valley NHS Trust (WVT) has seen a recent increase in complaints, with latest figures revealing that they had increased from 20 complaints in January, to 25 complaints in February.  That rise includes the two complaints that were referred to the ombudsman.

“to see if there are lessons that can be learnt”

During February, the Trust received four clinic claims, all of which were reviewed by the Trust solicitor, alongside an additional eight complaints that were also reopened.  These ranged from the alleged misdiagnosis of Deep Vein Thrombosis in a leg, to concerns regarding catering.

The figures also showed a decrease in complaints reviewed within the seven-day target.  WTV has been urged to increase the number of reviewers in place to cover for annual leave and sickness.

A statement by WVT said that there were procedures in place to support patients who felt that they had received sub-standard care.  It read: “WVT always takes on boards the decision of the Ombudsman and his findings are considered by the Trust’s Quality Committee to see if there are lessons that can be learnt or processes changed,

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