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NHS England must be made simpler

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After one NHS leader described the NHS’s A&E care as being on “cliff-edge”, a review of the services has been sparked in an attempt to improve the overall efficiency of the system – providing simpler and better 24/7 care. 

With all of the NHS’ services being in high demand – due to factors such as the ageing population, new treatments and an increase in long-term illnesses – many members of the public feel misdirected when seeking medical treatment.  The review that Sir Bruce Keogh, the NHS medical director, carried out has highlighted a gap in available information, which is casing many confused patients to take their medical concerns straight to A&E

Craving simplification and accurate direction 

This lack of public guidance is soon to be tackled as the review has not only recognised problems within A&E departments, but also amongst telephone-advice lines, walk-in centres, minor injury services and, most recently scrutinised, GP out-of-hours services.  All of these services – both emergency and non-emergency – are believed to have improvement-potential by literally being ‘simplified’, claims this review. 

It has been highlighted by the report that the root of the overall problem is grounded in a lack of available and understandable information.  A&E has become the hub of all medical attention due to its familiarity and accessibility; this is a learnt mentality that has to be refocused.  The review has illuminated the fact that members of the public are not necessarily receiving the right care in A&E departments but are not provided with the right information on how best to deal with a medical issue.  Community pharmacists are not turned to as frequently and telephone advice is becoming increasingly disregarded. 

Due to this recent review, problems within the NHS have been highlighted.  Prof Keith Willett – chairman of the review’s steering group – said that this will now spark plans to “design a system that is sustainable and fit to meet future challenges”. 


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