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Injured cyclist feels let down

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50-year-old cyclist Melanie Burrows said that she feels greatly let down by police after they were unable to take her case further following a serious cycling accident. Another cyclist, who tried to overtake her at a junction in July this year, hit Mr Burrows on her way home from work. She suffered a serious fracture in her tibia, a broken rib and a damaged knee. She has already had a metal plate inserted into her leg but is still awaiting a knee replacement.

Islington Police told Ms Burrows, head of finance at Hanover Primary School, that her accident was a ‘civil matter’ and that they were not willing to investigate any criminal misconduct. Ms Burrows, however, argued that the other cyclist was not abiding by the road safety regulations and was a threat on the road.

“It does not feel satisfactory”

It has been highlighted to Ms Burrows that it is unlikely that she will receive any compensation following the crash as neither her or the other cyclist were covered by insurance.

Mr Burrows said: “I do not know what to do. I feel a bit let down. I want to know what [information] was taken down. There is something about this that does not feel quite right. It does not feel satisfactory.

Scotland Yard said that the incident had been investigated but that no further action could be taken.  There was also no available CCTV footage or available witnesses.

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