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How professionals value their body parts

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A study carried out by insurance brand There found that where a builder’s leg is worth around £1.1million, an engineer’s eye is worth £3.4million. The study asked 2,000 professionals across a total of 20 different industries to put an insurance value on their different body parts to show their impact on earning potential. Engineers came in at the top of the table, placing an insurance value of £3.4million on their eyes, followed by electricians and plumbers at £3.1million and telecom workers at £2.6million.

The study came about when it was revealed that celebrity singer Taylor Swift insured her legs for £26million ($40million) based on her earning power. Philippa McLagen, Marketing Manager at There, said: “Being fit and healthy is crucial to an individual’s ability to do their job which is why, despite so many other financial pressures, one in four in our study has considered insuring themselves against being unable to work due to injury.

Self-employed feel more “at risk”

The study showed that 75% of designers would not be able to do their job without their hands or arms, which resulted in them placing a price of £1.4million on them. 70% of those in the hospitality industry also stated that they would not be able to work in their current position without their arms and hands.

The research concluded that self-employed individuals value their body parts more than employed. Ms McLagen said that this is because this group feels more “at risk […] than those who have the safety net of an employer that provides sick pay.

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