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Four injured on Alton Towers rollercoaster

Posted in: Public Place Accidents Shoulder Injuries 

Alton Towers’ new £18m rollercoaster has caused four injuries after wheels fell off, hitting the passengers in the front carriage.  The 14-loop ‘Smiler’ was opened in May, but has already seen three incidents.  The ride already saw closure in the summer, 21st of July, for four days after the track broke, from which 48 people had to be urgently rescued.  It was also closed in August for five days due to a “technical issue”.

When a few of the “small guide wheels” fell off the rollercoaster this weekend, one man was hit in the shoulder and his girlfriend in the face.  Kevin Hayes-Heath, who had been travelling in the front carriage with his girlfriend, described the incident as “pretty frightening”.  Two other passengers were also injured: a man and his teenage daughter.  Luckily none of the riders required urgent medical treatment after being assessed by on-site medical staff.

‘Shouting at them to stop the ride’

One spokeswoman said that the plastic guide wheels were flicked up into the front carriage, but that the others were caught by safety netting.  Mr Mayes-Heath said: “We were shouting at them to stop the ride because they were about to send another party off.

Alton Towers has apologised for the incident and for its subsequent closure.  The rollercoaster is due to have a full investigation before it’s decide whether or not it should re-open.

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