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Dog attack sees two hospitalised

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A dog attack earlier this month saw two people hospitalised.  The attack happened in Newbury on the 4th of September when two terriers attacked a couple of dog walkers.  Both victims suffered serious injuries and required hospital treatment. 

The two victims, friends John Bremner and Georgina Warren, had been walking their own dogs when the incident happened.  It was heard that the terriers first attempted to attack their pets, but then attacked the owners.  The Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the American Pit Bull had both escaped from their owner’s home before attacking the couple.

Prosecuting John Chappell said that the dogs simply “appeared from nowhere”.  He added: “Both dogs were destroyed because of the level of damage and because no owner came forward.

“£250 in compensation each”

Both Mr Bremner and Ms Warren suffered serious dog bite wounds to their hands and arms. Ms Warren also said in a victim impact statement that the incident had been the most frightening experience of her life and that she still wakes in the night crying because of nightmares.

The owner of the dogs, 46-year-old Nicola Karen Collins, was banned from owning dogs forever.  She admitted to two charges of owning dangerously out of control dogs that caused injury and one charge of possessing an illegal fighting dog.  She was ordered to pay each victim £250 in compensation and also paid their vet bills, which totaled at just over £500.

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