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Contaminated water supply at Exeter school

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A Carillion employee has been found guilty of producing a falsified document that provided greatly inaccurate figures concerning the level of iron present in a school’s water supply.  Carillion is responsible for the infrastructure at six schools in Exeter, one being St Peter’s C of E School.  St Peter’s C of E School had readings that revealed dangerously high levels of iron, while another Carillion-run school’s water supply – West Exe College – contained legionella, the bacterium that causes Legionnaires disease.

The falsified document, which concerned the readings of St Peter’s School, was discovered in January, whereby the reading had been reduced from a figure revealing ten times the legal limit of iron in water.  The reading of iron found 1,840 micrograms per litre, which was reduced to 184 micrograms per litre by a Carillion employee.  With the legal limit being 200 micrograms per litre, the Devon County Council said it was “appalled” by the work of the company.  However, Carillion have argued that the falsification was down to “a single individual”, who has now resigned.

No person had fallen ill as a result

Due to the actions of this employee, an investigation was launched that looked into the water supplies of other Carillion-run schools.  The water supply at West Exe College was found to have traces of legionella.  A statement by the Devon County Council said that no person had fallen ill as a result of the water contamination. 

Students have been asked to drink bottled water until Carillion solve the water-supply problems.  A Carillion spokesperson apologised for the findings, saying: “safety of school occupants had been paramount at all times”.

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