Leg Injury Claims

The amount of compensation you can claim for a leg injury will of course depend on the seriousness of the injury. Once the seriousness of the injury has been established, to ensure that the amount of compensation is both fair and just, the amount of compensation that will be awarded is based on both precedents from previously decided cases and the guidelines published by the Judicial Studies Board.

Leg Injury Compensation

For the most serious injuries, such as those where both legs require amputation, the amount of compensation that is awarded can be anywhere up to around £150,000. Serious injuries that do not require amputation (such as serious fractures) would attract compensation claims of up to £70,000. Whilst at the lower end a simple fracture or heavy bruising could result in compensation of up to £4,000. In between these brackets would sit the serious but not severe or long term leg injuries.

Of course no two cases are the same and therefore the amount of compensation that is awarded will also take into account various other factors such as the claimant’s level of discomfort, their age, the number of dependents they have, psychological damage and so on. In addition to compensation for your injuries you can also claim for any losses that you have incurred, for example, loss of income, medical bills, care costs and so on.

Make a Claim for a Leg Injury

No matter what type of leg injury you have or how your leg is injured, provided you are not at fault, you can make a claim. You should speak to a personal injury lawyer in Leeds who will help you to file a claim against the party that is responsible for your injuries. The law says that any personal injury claim should be made within three years from the date of the accident and therefore you should delay seeking legal advice. Although in the case of a child, regardless of when the accident occurred, a claim can be made up until their 21st birthday.

Most personal injury lawyers work on a no win no fee* basis and Leeds accident claims lawyers are no different. This means that you will not be responsible for your legal fees regardless of whether you win or lose your case.

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