Injuries To The Senses

We all learn in school that we have five senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing. The senses are an important part of life and the human experience as the brain uses the senses to interpret its environment. If, as a result of an accident that was not your fault, you are deprived of or injure any one or a number of your senses then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Compensation for Injuries to Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste and Smell

An injury to the senses can occur in any number of ways and the most common causes are road traffic accidents or accidents at work. The amount of compensation you can claim will depend on the seriousness of the injury and which sense have been injured and will include any loss or expenses you have had to incur or will incur as a result of your injuries. The injury can be minor (such as partial or temporary blindness) or it can be major (such as paralysis). The following is a rough guide / estimate to the likely levels of compensation:

•    Compensation for eye injuries can range from £2,000 for minor injuries to over £250,000 for total blindness.
•    Compensation for hearing loss can range from £4,000 for partial hearing loss to £30,000 for the complete loss of hearing in one ear.
•    Compensation for loss of smell can be anything from £16,000 to £21,000.
•    Compensation for loss of taste can be anything from £12,000 to £16,000.

Make a Claim for Injury to the Senses

If you would like to make a compensation claim because you have suffered an injury to your senses then you should consult a personal injury lawyer in Leeds within three years of the date of the accident. If you try to bring a claim outside of this time period then you may be barred from doing so. The exception to this rule is in the case of a child. An injury to the senses compensation claim can be made by or on behalf of a child anytime up until the child’s 21st birthday.

Making a compensation claim should not be too taxing as the work will be carried out by your Leeds personal injury lawyer who will work on a no win no fee* basis.

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