E-coli Infection Claims

E-coli is a type of bacterial food poisoning, which lives in the human gut normally. However, certain strains of E-coli can infect the blood and cause serious illness. If you have contracted E-coli due to poor hygiene or food storage, then you may be able to claim compensation, and you should contact our team of specialist solicitors** covering Leeds to get professional legal guidance.

What Is An E-coli Infection?

E-coli infections can cause diarrhoea, stomach cramps and vomiting, and in some cases can require hospitalisation or even become life-threatening. It is also possible to contract Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome (HUS) after a bout of E-coli, and this can lead to acute liver failure or blood clotting problems, particularly in the elderly or vulnerable, such as children and particularly those under the age of five. HUS destroys red blood cells and damages the lining of blood vessels. E-coli can also cause cystitis, bladder infection and gastrointestinal infections.

E-coli is often associated with contaminated beef or dairy products, but can also be picked up directly from contact with farm animals. It is transferred in manure, so if water is contaminated with the particular strain which causes illness, E-coli 0157, then even fruit and vegetables which have been washed in contaminated water can cause you to become infected. You may develop the infection after having eaten at a restaurant, or swum in a pool while on holiday, or after having eaten unwashed fruit or vegetables.

Make a Claim for E-coli Infection

You may be able to claim financial compensation for E-coli bacterial food poisoning, and you can make an appointment to discuss your case with our team of specialist lawyers for Leeds – they will examine your circumstances in detail to guide you on the chances of a positive outcome to your compensation claim. It is important that you keep all documentation and paperwork relating to your illness, and any expenses you have incurred related to it, as you may be required to prove that a third party was negligent (such as a restaurant, tour operator or farm). Our team will help you to constitute your file and will inform you on what documentation you may need.

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